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Shonda Kirk is a native of Wilson, North Carolina. She grew up as a country girl with her grandma in church. She is married to her husband Joe Kirk Jr. who is a retired United States Marine Corp. She has three wonderful children Cieara, Jeremiah, and Joshua. Mrs. Shonda truly loves her families support because they have always supported her in her endeavors with daycares overseas.
Currently Mrs. Shonda reside in Georgia where she oversees three online businesses. She enjoys connecting with new people all over the world. She desires to start a new daycare in America in the next year or less.
Mrs. Shonda has served several different families from Japan, America, Philippines, Guam, Mexico, Jamaica, etc. The good thing she says about getting to know new families is you learn how much a need there is in the profession of daycare. Making families a part of your life brings you great success. Military families are always in need of a daycare because they rotate so much in their military career so she made herself available to help families and meet their needs.

“How To Start A Daycare In 90 Days Or Less” gives you direct instructions that is very simple on how to start a daycare that is successful. The key to running a daycare is knowing the way parents or guardians think. Mrs. Shonda shares with you the very things that are needed to run a daycare successfully and have a great business that will be prosperous.

She prays everyone that reads this book would apply this information to their life and enjoy what they complete when finished. Having your own daycare or any business gives you long lasting relationships that is for a life time.

How To Start a Successful Daycare In 90 Days Or less

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